Feb 20, 2024  

Applied Data Analytics (CS-ADA), Micro-credential

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The Applied Data Analytics micro-credential will help the students build industry valued skills through an engaged learning experience with real world problems. Students will move from descriptive statistics to the use of analytical techniques using industry standard tools as they work through the analysis of real world problems.   A grade of ‘C’ and above in each of the 3 courses: CS 2113, CS 2473, and ECON 2023, will ensure the successful completion of the micro-credential.

• CS2113 - Computer Based Information Systems Course Description: Covers theory and practice for the design and use of computer-based information systems in organizations, with a focus on spreadsheets and databases for storage, processing, retrieval and presentation of data.

• CS2473- Data Analytics  Course Description: Students will learn a practical framework that includes data, models, decisions and value to use data to help inform business decisions. They will learn to prepare, process, and analyze data and create visualizations to leverage recommendations driven by data.

• ECON 2023 - Statistics for Business and Economics Course Description: Basic statistics course for undergraduate business majors. Introductory statistical methods are presented employing statistical computer software and applications to typical business and economic problems. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability concepts, probability distribution, estimation, hypothesis testing, and introduction to econometric/regression analysis, and correlation. 

Minimum of 9 credit hours

Course Grouping

Program requirements

CS 2113  Computer Based Information Systems

CS 2473  Data Analytics

ECON 2023  Statistics for Business and Economics 

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