Feb 20, 2024  

Political Science/Pre-Law, A.A.

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The political science/pre-law degree at Oklahoma City Community College gives you the opportunity to explore the science of politics and law. The program represents a broad spectrum of teaching interests, approaches, and courses. We pride ourselves in our strengths in teaching, not only in the sub-fields of political science - American politics, public policy, law, public administration, comparative politics, and political theory. When you study political science/pre-law at Oklahoma City Community College, you will have the opportunity to enhance your writing, research, and critical analysis skills. You will also find your strengths in conveying information, while learning how to critically challenge values, beliefs, and opinions, and viewing the world through various perspectives. Our program is successful in preparing our majors for the rigors of studies and student life at the university level.

Program Notes

Notes: This program is designed for students planning to continue their education at a four-year college or university. See University Parallel/Transfer Programs in the general information section of the catalog.

Minimum of 61 Credit Hours

*Students may choose 12 hours of POLSC electives. POLSC 2103 - Intro to Public Administration  is a 16-week course for presidential election years (fall 2020; fall 2024). If taken as one of the electives, POLSC 2103  would be a 16-week course offered during two 8-week terms.

Course Grouping

Major Courses

(12 Credit Hours)
Political Science

Twelve credit hours Political Science Electives

General Education Courses

(37 Credit Hours)
Political Science


One of the science courses must include a lab component.

  • General Education Biological Science 3-4 Credit Hours
  • General Education Physical Science 3-4 Credit Hours

  • Humanities 6 Credit Hours

Life Skills Courses

(1 credit hour)

Support Courses

(11 Credit Hours)

(Approved electives are any courses in the following areas: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business, Computer Science, Journalism and Broadcasting, Economics, History, Psychology, and Sociology.)

  • Approved Electives 11 Credit Hours

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

  • BIO - Biological Science 3-4 Credit Hours
  • HUM - Humanities Elective 3 Credit Hours

Term 6

Term 7

  • PHYS - Any Physical Science 3-4 Credit Hours
  • POL SCI - Political Science Elective 3 Credit Hours *^

Term 8

  • HUM - Humanities Elective 3 Credit Hours
  • SUPP - Guided Support Elective 5 Credit Hours

Term 9

  • SUPP - Guided Support Elective 6 Credit Hours

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