Feb 20, 2024  

Computer Science - Web Design and Development, A.A.S.

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Creating and maintaining websites has become big business - which means big opportunity for you in this growing career field. A web presence is used by businesses to get their message across to prospective clients and customers, to reach the largest audience, to advertise products and services, to provide support and to network socially.

Most companies and organizations now have a presence on the World Wide Web and are in need of highly skilled, trained web designers and developers who can continually keep the content and design of those sites fresh, interesting and accessible.

OCCC provides a strong foundation in computer science and web-related topics that are essential to those pursuing a career in this area. This specific degree program is a good fit for you if you consider yourself to be organized, logical, creative and a good problem-solver and communicator.

Program Notes

Notes: This Technical and Occupational program is designed to prepare students to enter the job force following completion. See Technical and Occupational Programs in the general information section of the catalog. Must have a grade of “C” or higher in all Computer Science courses.

Minimum of 61 Credit Hours

Course Grouping

Major Courses

(42 Credit Hours)

General Education Courses

(18 Credit Hours)

Life Skills Courses

(1 credit hour)

Support Courses


Term 3

Term 5

Term 8

Term 9

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