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Chemistry, A.S.

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Do you want to research cures for cancer? Find alternative fuel and energy sources? Transform everyday materials into useful, unique products? Careers in chemistry can offer you worlds of discovery every day. At Oklahoma City Community College, you can earn an associate degree in chemistry. In this program, you’ll learn how to identify substances and how to alter their structures through chemical changes. Course topics include atomic structure, structure and bonding, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, radioactivity and synthesis. With this solid foundation, you can continue studying at a four-year college or university and then pursue opportunities in education, pharmacology, petroleum analysis, research, patent development, substance analysis, geology, medicine, nutrition and more.

Program Notes

Notes: This program is designed for students planning to continue their education at a four-year college or university. See the front general section for information and requirements about University Parallel/Transfer Programs.

(C) Indicates a grade of “C” or higher must be achieved.

** MATH 1743  is appropriate for pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, and pre-pharmacy students only.*** Either PHYS 1214  or PHYS 2114  is strongly recommended for students pursuing careers in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, or forensic science.

Minimum of 61-66 Credit Hours

Course Grouping

(C) A grade of “C” or higher must be achieved.

Major Courses

(15 credit hours)

General Education Courses

(40-42 credit hours)
Political Science


Biological Science


Six credit hours

Life Skills Courses

(1 credit hour)

Term 7

Term 8

Term 9

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